Sydney Sculpture School

Sculpture classes for all levels of experience

We cater for the needs of beginners interested in learning the fundamentals of how to sculpt, through to professional sculptors looking to hone their skills. We have classes and workshops to suit all levels.

Whatever your standard of skill or your sculptural interest, we can assist you.

Join Sydney’s up and coming sculptors

Artistic expression is a well-known stimulant for the brain as well as the soul. Sculpture courses at Sydney Sculpture School provide you with hands-on training to refine your sculpture skills. So if you’re looking for a new hobby or have a passion for art and sculpture, why not enrol in one of Sydney’s sculpture courses for all ages and skill level.

Every one of our teachers at the Sydney Sculpture School are not only excellent teachers, but gifted sculptors themselves, which means you’re getting professional guidance from experienced and commended sculptors when you undertake one of our sculpture classes.

Some sculptors and art schools focus on only one particular methodology, system or technique. Whilst we acknowledge that specialisation is positive in some regards, we believe that having an open mind and looking at all forms of sculpture, techniques, and processes are equally as important. Our sculpture courses allow for a broad spectrum of the artistic process to help you to find the one which is right for you.

As such, we encourage pupils not to just copy existing works but to think outside the box and create their own visions. Our Sydney based sculpture classes use live models and we supply experts in their respective fields to give further insight into the world of sculpture.

Whether you know it or not you have your own artistic style, complete with its strengths and weaknesses. Sydney Sculpture School strives to create individual artists not just mirror images of your teachers. Our sculpture courses will help you refine and develop your strengths while recognising and addressing your weaknesses.

So for the best Sydney sculpture classes and experience, call Sydney Sculpture School today and book into one of our esteemed sculpture courses!!